St. John Bosco High School’s smaller size means students receive individual attention a family atmosphere exists in many different ways. The school day consists of 8 periods of approximately 45 minutes in length. The curriculum provides a strong foundation for successfully completing college entrance exams such as the ACT or the SAT. We emphasize Christian character formation through formation in virtue and respect for all. Our teachers assist students in setting and meeting worthy academic goals. Our students learn to think clearly, to speak eloquently, to write persuasively, and to calculate accurately. This is accomplished through mastery of progressively more difficult material, formation of the will through conscientious application of study habits, and an emphasis throughout on developing the ability to learn, to think and to communicate. Students are prepared for writing college papers and how to defend a thesis. The classical method of education not only provides academic rigor; it also instructs and prepares the students to become independent thinkers and equips them to be leaders in in the community with their ability to communicate logically with their peers and colleagues. With a Catholic classical liberal arts education, students will be more competitive, and they will be better defenders of the faith.IMG_9075

Teaching Methodology Prepares Students for Life

A feature that sets St. John Bosco High School apart from other high schools is the philosophy undergirding our curriculum and teaching methodology. The foundation of our curriculum is the classical Trivium, consisting of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. In those courses we focus on improving language comprehension, critical thinking, and oral and written expression. We then hone those skills yet more in all of our other courses through a teaching methodology based upon the Socratic method. Whether a student is studying theology, history, literature, science, or math, they are daily given the opportunity to verbally express themselves in response to questions by an instructor. As a result, students can be transformed into better thinkers and communicators for the purpose of positively influencing their families, peers, communities, and world.

Focus is on Learning and Developing a Catholic World View

Our pedagogy emphasizes both faith and reason.  Students delve into the content of the great books.  Even students who previously struggled academically have found motivation and success through small class sizes, the rich content, and lively discussions that require them to think deeply. At St. John Bosco High School we have seen what it looks like for a student to be truly educated, and it is a very different thing than just the acquisition of knowledge. Students come to know the treasure trove of the Catholic Church and study its heritage and thought. By applying both faith and reason students have the ability to effectively respond to the modern world. St. John Bosco High School has taken a stand to resist the pressure to conform to a decidedly secular content and pedagogy of public education by not accepting government funding and using textbooks Eve Owen Grad 1that are compatible with Catholic teaching. We are supported solely through tuition, donations and fundraising events. The overwhelming success of students after graduation demonstrates the fruit of our efforts.

Curriculum Overview

Below is a list of courses and the grade levels. We are flexible in designing a program of study for your student based on courses already taken and academic level. Please speak with the principal about your situation. Religion is required every semester a student is enrolled.

Graduation Requirements






History, Government, Economics














 Visual Arts


Performing Arts


Physical Education




Total Credits



9th Grade

Literature: Ancient and Classical

History: Ancient and Classical

English: Grammar and Composition

Theology: Fundamentals of the Faith

Language: Latin I

Math: Algebra  I or Geometry

Science: Biology

Pre-Algebra (offered for students not ready for Algebra I)

Visual and Performing Arts

Physical Education: PE

10th Grade

Literature: MedievalFreshman class 7

History: Medieval

Theology: Salvation History

Language: Latin II

Philosophy: Logic I

Science: Astronomy

Math: Geometry or Algebra II

Visual and Performing Arts

Physical Education: PE

11th Grade

Literature:  Modern (British)Ofest

History: Modern Civilization

Theology: Church History

Philosophy: Rhetoric

Physical Education

Math: Algebra II or Pre-calculus

Science: Chemistry

Language: Latin III or Modern Language


Visual and Performing Arts

Physical Education: HealthBasketball 2013

12th Grade

Literature: American

History: American

Theology: Apologetics and Moral Theology

American Government


Modern Language or Elective*

Conceptual Physics or Elective*

Calculus or Elective*

Rhetoric II (includes Senior Thesis)

Physical Education

Visual and Performing Arts

*Elective: Math, Science, Humanities or Language




In virtue of its mission, then, the school must be concerned with constant and careful attention to cultivating in students the intellectual, creative, and aesthetic faculties of the human person; to develop in them the ability to make correct use of their judgement, will, and affectivity; to promote in them a sense of values; to encourage just attitudes and prudent behaviour; to introduce them to the cultural patrimony handed down from previous generations; to prepare them for professional life, and to encourage the friendly interchange among students of diverse cultures and backgrounds that will lead to mutual understanding. For all of these reasons, the school enters into the specific mission of the Church. (Number 12)

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St. John Bosco High School is a member of the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS). The NAPCIS  accreditation association applies standards of excellence to criteria specifically selected to meet the educational quality and competence of operation of private Catholic and independent schools.

Saint John Bosco High School is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, Tax ID 93-1269364. All donations are tax deductible.

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