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A Dynamic Catholic and Classical Curriculum for the New EvangelizationBasketball 2013

We have a strong Catholic identity which is the natural environment for a classical education. The beauty of our Catholic faith permeates the entire culture of our school, from the sacramental life to curriculum, activities, and events. Faith is the basis which forms our students in virtue and integrity, preparing them to be witnesses to Christ in the world. We actively live and promote the culture of life. Our classical identity involves the joy of thinking, reading, and discussing all things good, true and beautiful. We focus on excellence in:

  •  Critical thinking
  • Persuasive writing and eloquent speaking
  • Reading and analyzing classical literature
  • Integrating history, theology, arts, and languagesFencing 14
  • Fostering wonder through math and sciences

Preparation for College

The curriculum provides a strong foundation for successfully completing college entrance exams such as the ACT or the SAT. We emphasize Christian character formation through formation in virtue and respect for all. Our teachers assist students in setting and meeting worthy academic goals. Our students learn to think clearly, to speak eloquently, to write persuasively, and to calculate accurately. This is accomplished through self-activity, mastery of progressively more difficult material, formation of the will through conscientious application of study habits, and an emphasis throughout on developing the ability to learn, to think and to communicate. Students will be well prepared for writing college papers and how to defend a thesis. The classical method of education not only provides academic rigor; it also instructs and prepares the students to become independent thinkers and equips students to be leaders in the community with their ability to communicate logically with their peers and colleagues. Saint John Bosco wrote, “False teachings sink in easily, but it takes skill, knowledge and time to refute objections.” With a classical liberal arts education, students will be more competitive, and they will be better defenders of the faith. This will put your student(s) on the cutting edge of the New Evangelization.

A Curriculum that Inspires

For the average student: the ordinary mind is capable of extraordinary thoughts

Education above all aims at developing the proper habits of mind. It takes patience, prudence, and prayer. Facts will be Ofestforgotten after the exam is passed; education provides the foundations for a lifetime of growth. A Catholic classical education is an education for everyone no matter what intellectual gifts they may or may not have. The beauty of the classical curriculum is that it has the power to make the ordinary mind capable of extraordinary thoughts. Because of the intrinsic value of the “great books,” no student is wasting his/her time by reading and discussing them. In this way the classical curriculum is an “equalizer.” There is something for every mind to discover and grow. An obvious example of this is The Holy Bible. It is meant for everyone and of immense value for every mind to read and ponder. There is something like this with the great books. The Iliad is a work for everyone. And so it is with all the great books. Some famous people who were educated through the great books include:

  • St. Augustine
  • Pope Benedict XVI
  • St. Thomas Aquinas

No matter what your student’s academic gifts, give your student the opportunity to be inspired to think great thoughts and mature in God’s wisdom and grace. Choose St. John Bosco High School. It is a school small enough to care individually about your student as a person created in God’s image. We exist in order to educate youth in the knowledge of what is true, right and loving and to assist each student in reaching the highest academic level that can be achieved.Bosco Dominic

“School is one of the educational environments where one grows by learning how to live, how to become grown-up, mature men and women. … Following what St. Ignatius teaches us, the main element in school is learning to be magnanimous … This means having a big heart, having a greatness of soul. It means having grand ideals, the desire to achieve great things in response to what God asks of us and, precisely because of this, doing everyday things, all our daily actions, commitments, and meetings with people well. [It means] doing the little everyday things with a big heart that is open to God and to others.” -Pope Francis

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