Student Life

Student Life

Our students are busy. Students participate in daily prayer, weekly Mass, religion classes, study halls, field trips, volunteer opportunities, art classes, theater and acting, a Classical Music Choir and athletics including Cross Country and Basketball.

“You are bearers of hope. You, in fact, live in the present, but are looking at the future. You are the protagonists of the future, artisans of the future. Make the future with beauty, with goodness and truth. Do you understand? This is the challenge: your challenge…you can do it: you have the power to do so. If you do not, it is because of laziness. I wanted to tell you: Have courage. Go forward. Make noise. Go against this civilization that is doing so much harm. Got that? Go against the tide and that means making noise. Go ahead. But with the values of beauty, goodness and truth.” -Pope Francis to the Youth


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