Students come from Salem, Keizer, Silverton, St. Paul, Mount Angel, Corvallis, Albany, Mulino, Aurora, Woodburn, Yamhill, Dundee, Scotts Mills, Brooks, Monitor,  Gervais, Portland,  and many other towns and cities to attend St. John Bosco High School.

Patrick Doyle – Parent. “Help us Spread the Word”

“In our case, our students have made St. John Bosco one of the friendliest, most faith-filled Catholic schools in Oregon. Help us spread the word that a classical liberal arts education in the best tradition of the Catholic Church is found in a remarkable country setting just minutes from Salem, Woodburn, Mt. Angel and Silverton.”

Barbara Hettwer – Unexpected Results for my Grand Daughter.

“I had the privilege of having a grand daughter live with me for one year. She had been in public schools up until she came to stay with me. As her parents had no interest in paying tuition nor continuing her in a private school after this one year, I decided to choose the best public school available. The first one I investigated was my local one. The teacher and secretary made it sound wonderful, but when I analyzed the lives of the graduates of that school, it was not the final result I desired. So, I tried a charter school which is highly spoken of. I met the teachers and visited the school. It was better. However, when I got down to the core, the curriculum, I realized it would be settling  for a much lower standard than is available at St. John Bosco.

So, in the end, my grand daughter ended up at St. John Bosco High School. I had not thought seriously about this option as she was a little behind educationally and I assumed it would be too hard for her. But we jumped in with both feet anyway. After just two months her parents noticed a marked improvement in her reading skills, general knowledge and Church knowledge. This has given her a great boost in her education, thinking skills and faith. She is very social and is amazed daily how kind and fun the other students are. To spend a year surrounded by adults and peers who love God above all else is the most precious gift I could have given her.”

Eve Owen  – “I am so grateful”Eve Owen Grad 1

“I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a minor in Theology from Christendom College in Front Royal, VA. I graduated cum laude and was privileged to have been the Student Body President my senior year. I wholeheartedly credit the success of my college experience first and foremost to my parents; at an incredibly close second , though, is my high school alma mater.

With its classical curriculum committed to a rigorous method of study engaging students in examining such great works from the likes of Homer or Shakespeare to John Paul II or Dr. Warren Carrol, I was successfully prepared to undertake the next stage of my education at Christendom College. Along with the classical curriculum, the amazing teacher to student ratio at St. John Bosco allowed me the opportunity to become much more engaged with my course of studies, just as each instructor was allowed to be all the more engaged with each student. The support and encouragement given to me by my teachers mirrored the same support and encouragement I received from my parents.

My experience at St. John Bosco, where all aspects of the school are steeped in a joyful love of the Catholic Church, continues to inform me in all aspects of my life. I am so grateful for the education I received in high school as it equipped me with the necessary strengths and knowledge to delve into my studies in college. Indeed, it was in all the different courses throughout high school that I discovered my love for History and Theology, two subjects I went on to study at Christendom. In fact, this fall I have begun my graduate studies of Systematic Theology at Notre Dame Graduate School in Alexandria, Virginia.

I am extremely blessed to have been given a course of education that reflects the values and beliefs my parents have instilled in me and all my siblings. To be given this opportunity to pursue the True, the Good and the Beautiful in an effort to engage society and the culture, to be a Christian witness, is a wonderful blessing and I pray to be ever grateful.”

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It is no exaggeration to say that providing young people with a sound education in the faith represents the most urgent internal challenge facing the Catholic community in your country.”-Pope Benedict XVI to U.S. Bishops

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