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At Saint John Bosco High School we believe that the body is the temple of God and an integral part of the human person. As a result we teach physical education and encourage students to participate in sports activities as their aptitudes guide. 

While Saint John Bosco High School students receive the advantage of a truly Classical and Catholic education, they have the opportunity to participate in the sports activities of larger surrounding public and private schools and associations. Many students have chosen these options with great success. One of our students won the highest awards and spoke at the sports awards event at the public school where he participated. Another student received a full four-year college scholarship for baseball through the NCAA. Attending SJBHS in no way hinders a sports enthusiast.  

As the school grows, it is our goal to establish our own sports teams as a way to give glory to God through the human body and to foster a spirit of teamwork. We have had several sports teams in the past playing other small, private schools. Our teams included boys & girls basketball and track.

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