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Our Pedagogy

Our Pedagogy emphasizes the compatibility and indeed the complementarity of Faith and Reason. "Credo ut intelligo." "I believe that I may understand," as St. Anselm of Canterbury says. 


Students delve into the content of the Great Books.  Often students who struggled academically in less conducive settings have found motivation and success through our small class sizes, rich content, and lively discussions that require them to think deeply.


At St. John Bosco High School, we strive for our students to  be truly educated, which is a very different thing from the simple acquisition of knowledge. Students come to know the treasure-trove of the Catholic Church and study Her intellectual heritage and thought. By applying both Faith and Reason, students have the ability to effectively respond to the challenges of their modern world.


St. John Bosco High School has taken a stand to resist the pressure to conform to decidedly secular content and the pedagogy of public education by refusing government funding and by using textbooks compatible with Catholic teaching. We are supported solely through the tuition, donations and fundraising events of our parents and patrons. The overwhelming success of students after graduation demonstrates the fruit of our efforts.

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