Our Board of Directors

St. John Bosco High School (SJBHS after) is governed by its own Board of Directors composed of independent, unpaid volunteers who guide the school's operations, while listening to the input of both parents and teachers.


Although SJBHS is a member of the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS), SJBHS's curriculum – developed over many years and perfected through hard-won experience educating students – is not dictated by any non-local governmental body or charter. This approach is in keeping with the Catholic principle of subsidiarity, or creating localized solutions in so far as is possible, without creating needless bureaucracies that tend to multiply organizational overhead expense to parents and to patrons without providing proportional benefit for the cost. 

This subsidiarity allows our teachers to focus upon their primary function of educating, while assuring parents their concerns are being heard, and that their students are not receiving a one-size-fits-all education, but a truly classical one tailored to the unique needs and aptitudes of our students in this time and place, and that each tuition dollar is carefully being spent.

For more information on our School's Board of Directors and the governance of the School, we encourage prospective parents to contact our principal, who can then place you in contact with a Board Member and other parents to answer your questions.

Board for 2021-2022

Chair           Lisa Ludwikoski, parent and teacher at a local public school

Vice-Chair  Jerry Owen, parent and proprietor of Lady Hill Vineyards

Secretary    Barbara Hettwer, Retired principal and teacher

At-large      Robert Bodkin, Investment Sales Broker