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Our Philosophy of Education

The fundamental goal of our work in education is to lead children to the knowledge and love of God. Accordingly, the first concern is the cultivation of a truly Christian character in the student. 

The Ignatian Method of Education trains the student's three powers of the soul: memory, understanding, and will. The root of any person's failure is in the will, not the intellect. Any educational effort that fails to form the will fails the students. 

The goals of Ignatian-directed education are to train the student to speak, to write, and to act. 

We must help those in our care to become responsible human beings, so that they will be able to cooperate with the Holy Father in his mission in this world: Instaurare Omnia in Christo (To Restore All Things in Christ). The methods of the Ignatian program have been developed and refined over the past 450 years and can be used by anyone. 

Specifically, the skills that must be acquired in working toward these objectives are: 

  1. Correctness in grammar and expression

  2. Neatness and organization in personal habits

  3. Excellence in writing skills

  4. Development of reading skills

  5. Training in persuasiveness and in speaking the truth (including the facility to speak in public)

  6. Accuracy in mathematics

  7. Legibility and neatness in penmanship

  8. The facility to be thoroughly Christian in manner and conduct

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