Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

-Romans 12:12

At St. John Bosco High School, we gird everything we undertake in prayer and give thanksgiving to God for His many benefits. Our prayer warriors are the support of our school, and we are constantly interceding on behalf of the school with God, without whom we can do nothing (John 15:5). If you have a prayer request you wish to post for yourself or especially for a member or former member or patron of the School, call us at 503-383-7101, and we will place it here. 


   Te Deum (follow link to pray this prayer in common with us.)

(This ancient prayer of the Church is traditionally attributed Saints Ambrose and Augustine, on the occasion of the latter's baptism by the former in AD 387.) 


We thank you Lord God Almighty Father for securing our physical location for another year.

...for a successful fund-raising event at the Salem Art Fair.

...for priests willing to say Mass at our school's Thursday afternoon services.

...for the passing Medical Board Examination score of Foster Lerner, one of our patrons.



We ask for your intercession, Lord, for increasing Saint John Bosco High School's enrollment in the coming year.

...for a spirit of unity between our Board, staff, teachers, parents and students.

...for an increase in donors and donations to the school.

...for volunteers to assist our teachers, especially more male volunteers with teaching                       experience.

...for wisdom for the Board of Governors of our school in making good decisions for our                 school.

...for forgiveness for one another's failings and human frailty.

...for protection for our School against the evil one.


We place all these things in the Hand of Your Divine Providence. We trust in You alone, Father. Amen.